Best Private School in Central Pennsylvania

Here at Creative Building Concepts, we know how difficult it is to select schools for your children, especially from afar or if you are considering a local change. Our team spends countless hours evaluating neighborhood assets with clients who are considering a move and we wanted to share the 411 on private schools near these stunning historic neighborhoods so you can come to us knowing exactly where your family will flourish.

Best Private School in Central Pennsylvania

We’ve been area experts long enough to have ardent opinions about the best pizza joint and the merits of each local grocery store. We’ve used our expertise to compile a list of the best private schools in the area so that you can quickly create your shortlist of school candidates and begin connecting with your child’s future learning community today!

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How to Get into a Private School 

Many area private schools begin their application process for the following school year at the start of the year. If you are planning for your children to attend a private school next year, now is the time to research and apply!

If you need to make a change mid-year, don’t worry! Many private schools are used to transfers from out of town and within the area and are likely to consider your application mid-year, especially if you have personal circumstances that initiated the move.

Best Christian Private Schools in Metro Harrisburg

Many families are interested in private religious education to ensure smaller class sizes, shared values, and a  rigorous academic curriculum. Though the area is home to many excellent public schools as well, many families find that private education is worth the money. Christian private schools in the Harrisburg area usually require uniforms and charge tuition. Many have scholarship opportunities available through their application process that allow for families with any budget to consider religious schools in the area. When touring schools, look for the one that feels right to you and offers programs and resources that interest your child and family.

Pay special attention to all details. Not every school on the list offers programs for every age range (e.g. preschool or high school).


Logos Academy 

This K-12 private school builds, “Intelligence plus character.” Logos Academy describes itself as Christ-centered, culturally diverse, and community-focused and prides itself on community connection, classical education, and family partnerships.

Christian School of York

In addition to K-12 education, Christian School of York also offers quality area preschool. Visit their web page, take a tour, and note their thriving community and social opportunities. CSY has been around for more than 65 years and offers athletic programs, arts productions, parent-teacher events, field trips, etc.

St Joseph 

St. Joseph provides PreK-6th grade Catholic education to students from 11 school districts in Central Pennsylvania. Part of the fabric of the community, St. Joseph has operated for more than 100 years.

Keystone Christian Academy 

This PreK-12 school operates across the street from Asbury Church. Keystone Christian Academy is a community where students thrive, families matter, educators inspire, and communities benefit. Their Heart Training makes the difference in developing young adults with character.

Tidings of Peace Christian School 

Tidings of Peace is a Mennonite school that has been serving the York community with its small class sizes and Christian curriculum since 1995. 


Carlisle Christian Academy 

Carlisle Christian Academy provides a kind, safe, and welcoming environment for students to learn. CCA has been a daycare provider since 1975, an elementary school since 1981, and a high school since 2003. This college-prep environment balances rigorous academics with character-driven education.

The Christian School of Grace Baptist Church

Grace Baptist is a PreK-8 program that boasts, “A Christ-centered program for time and eternity.” Grace Baptist has been in operation since 1968. The program emphasizes fine arts.

St. Patrick School 

St. Patrick School services students PreK-8 in Catholic-centered education. St. Patrick boats a long history of academic excellence, character, and faith-based education in the area.


West Shore Christian Academy 

This K-12 college-prep school creates vibrant learning and offers challenging curriculum opportunities such as AP High School classes. WSCA offers clubs, athletics, and arts opportunities.

Best Secular Private Schools in Central Pennsylvania

Central Pennsylvania could benefit from a few more private schools without religious affiliation. The two outstanding options in the area provide a small community feel and stellar academic results.

Harrisburg Academy 

Harrisburg Academy leverages small class sizes and individual opportunities into robust results. It is the only accredited International Baccalaureate School in the metro area. This program carries from the Primary Years Programs in preschool and early elementary and confers the prestige of an IB Diploma Programme in the Upper school years. 

The Londonderry School 

The Londonderry School is a preschool through middle school designed to support students in thinking logically and creatively. Londonderry’s recent initiatives have centered around building a greener school and community.

Your Neighborhood Experts in Central Pennsylvania 

We know the location of your dream home is every bit as important as your dream home itself. Because we’re interested in delivering the complete dream package, we’ve become experts in evaluating the assets of every area neighborhood. With this kind of attention to detail, you know you’re in good hands for your next home construction project in Central Pennsylvania. Reach out today to get started!


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