Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays

The holidays aren’t here yet, but they are just around the corner. If you are planning a lot of activities this year, you should get started right now. Hosting is a ton of work, and it’s a good thing that much of the work can be done in advance. By following these tips, you can provide a great space for entertaining without having to compromise your health or stress level.

How Do You Prepare for the Holidays?

Although the holidays start in November and finish about a month later, they often involve plenty of work to prepare. Start with these tasks as early as you can, to ensure that you can focus on events and enjoy time with family.

Christmas tree with fireplace in a living room.

Plan Renovations Early

The thing about home improvements for the holidays is that you need plenty of time. It depends on the project, with minor room updates taking less time than a major overhaul of the kitchen.

Our remodeling and renovation services often take at least a few months from start to finish. It’s best to schedule major upgrades by no later than the spring or early summer, to ensure enough time to get it done.


Create a Holiday Schedule

Getting ready for the holidays takes more time than you expect. Start by creating a detailed schedule of all events in November and December. Be sure to note the arrivals and departures of guests. You need to have most of the holiday prep work done for hosting at least a week or two in advance. You’ll have moments in between the chaos to tidy up and do some food preparation, but you may not get much more than that.


Get Ready for Home Guests

If you will be hosting for the holidays, you need to get ready for guests to be there around the clock. You might be very busy carrying out events to pay too much attention to the basics, so it’s wise to take care of your guest rooms. This prepare house guest checklist is simple and intuitive:

  • Clean and declutter guest rooms
  • Make space for luggage
  • Inspect and replace guest linens
  • Stock guest bathrooms
  • Keep room decorations minimal and scent-free

It’s better to have a room that is simple and comfortable than one that is decked to the maximum and difficult to maintain.

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How Can I Spruce Up My House for the Holidays?

White remodeled kitchen with Christmas tree in the back.

Sometimes the year gets ahead of you, and you don’t have time to finish all of your home improvement Christmas plans. The good news is that you can still turn your home into a lovely space for entertaining and relaxing with family.


Focus on Entertaining Rooms

Remodeled entertainment area with bar stools.

It’s tempting to try to spruce up your entire house for the holidays, but it’s best to start with the rooms that guests are most likely to see. You might be surprised how much a fresh coat of paint and some new furniture can completely change the look. If the flow of the room isn’t suited to your expectations, consider rearranging furniture to make space for everyone. Then you can think about design services to turn the room into a truly functional space year-round.


Use DĂ©cor to Spice Up Your Home

During the holidays, you don’t have to think too much about setting a theme for the room. Get out your décor or plan to get some new options. Just remember to balance the decorations with choices that sit on the floor and hang on the walls. It’s more practical to keep the floors as clear as possible, especially if you’re hosting a lot of people at once.


Schedule a Christmas Cleaning

The holidays are an excellent time to get your home into ideal clean condition. You can always do this task on your own, but scheduling a cleaning for Christmas can be a wonderful early gift to yourself. You’ll be secure in the knowledge that every room will be perfect, and you won’t add that pressure to your own plate.


How Do I Keep My House Clean for the Holidays?

Keeping your home clean for the holidays.

Once you get a deep clean for your home, the major trick is to keep it that way. If you’re hosting events back to back, you can create a cleaning cart with all the products you need. It will be easy to move from room to room and put everything back in order. You may want to assign a few monitoring tasks for every member of the household, to ensure that all the bathrooms and the kitchen remain stocked.

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How Do I Prepare My House for New Years?

New Years celebration.

The days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve might feel like a blur. The good news is that you don’t have to let it run away with you. Before your big year-end bash, schedule a cleaning or dedicate a day toward a thorough scrubbing after the holiday parties. Set aside a bit of the décor and make sure you have plenty of seating room around the table or television.

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How Do I Survive Being Home for the Holidays?

Fireplace with remodeled white shelves

There are a few ways to make sure that hosting at your home during the holidays is easy to survive:

  • Remodel in advance.
  • Clean and stock early.
  • Take moments to relax between parties.
  • Ask for help from friends and family.

If you’re dreaming of renovating a house for the holidays, the experts at Creative Building Concepts have the experience to make it a wonderful one. Schedule a consultation to get started on your project.


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