Details and Behind the Scenes

This Harrisburg  Kitchen remodel was an absolute pleasure to design and build. We met this client when his firm hired us to renovate their nearby business. We were then brought back to do multiple renovations for the business owners homes.  We are as proud of the stunning results we delivered for him and his two business partners as we are of the relationship we built while working together the first time. We love repeat clients. They know what to expect, so we can spend less time going over processes and more time dreaming and designing together. 

This couple took a look at their kitchen, which was designed and built to support a busy young family twenty years ago, and realized their needs had evolved almost as much as their taste. This couple wanted to redesign their dated late 1990s kitchen to fit their quieter and more intentional lifestyle after the children have grown. They set out to design a timeless and contemporary space to meet them in their current lifestyle. Life is slower, there is more time to relax and enjoy the amenities. More sun-soaked morning coffee sessions, fewer late-night snacks, and frantic study sessions. They needed a new kitchen for a new way of being.

We were happy to oblige our clients and design a softer vibe. We ditched cold, hard surfaces for a softer, more serene feel. Out with dark and dated cabinets! In fact, this client’s original design included preserving the original dark cabinets in the island and butlers pantry. When the new, gorgeous cabinets arrived, our clients took one look and opted to replace the island cabinets and butlers pantry after all. Though this added a bit to our timeline, the results were completely worth it. The cohesive and airy effect is well worth it. Turns out they loved the kitchen remodel so much they remodeled their upstairs and downstairs with us as well! The cozy, sophisticated feel of the basement attracts friends to come and hang out by the bar and watch a game. While the upstairs area is perfect for relaxing and picking up a good book. 

We’re thrilled to show off this Harrisburg kitchen remodel from statement lights to custom backsplash and cabinets. The details truly make the difference. Craftsmanship and excellent client communication are evident in every custom detail. We have built a personal and universally appealing kitchen, and we’re confident we can build something just as special for you!

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