Kitchen Remodel in Mechanicsburg

Details and Behind the Scenes

Our latest Mechanicsburg kitchen remodel elevated a cramped, dated kitchen into an airy, functional luxury space. Rustic touches and timeless tilework set this project apart. We especially love the floating shelves that allow decorative touches without sacrificing counter space... and we know you're checking out those lights. Statement lighting was carefully planned to illuminate this peaceful space and create an inviting, warm glow.

This delightful family of five had limited countertops and storage in their previous layout, which featured a countertop jutting into the center of the room. It infringed on their living space and limited the flow of traffic. There was also a range built into the island with a microwave that dropped from the ceiling above it. By flipping the kitchen location, we were able to install their large refrigerator in a new position where it felt less imposing. The sink moved to island, redirecting the work flow to face the family.

Our clients were delighted to learn the load-bearing wall running between the kitchen and dining area would not limit their open-concept dreams. We removed the offending wall during this remodel and created a new central point to this home which now accommodates the movement and chaos young families bring to a kitchen. Also, no more bumping elbows during dinner prep - so there's that. The design you see here is individualized to this family's workflow patterns and needs; yours may look different.

Removing that center wall not only allowed us to expand the kitchen space, but also to add an extra island. One kitchen island is designed for socializing, with stools and a bowed countertop to invite guests to belly-up. The second island is made for extra storage for the girls' art projects and school work. With this arrangement, the kids can complete homework while the adults prepare dinner and everyone can still be together. 

Over here at Creative, we take into consideration each member of your family (the pets, too!) when we are creating your customized space. 

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