14 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Home

You don’t want to look at your dated bathroom tile another second. You can’t fit your family around the dining room table. When you love your home, but parts of it are no longer serving your needs, it’s time to remodel. Many people who are interested in remodeling their homes have questions about the process. Arming yourself with the knowledge of common remodeling mistakes will help you avoid them and smooth the road ahead of your dream remodel project.

At Creative Building Concepts, we expertly complete a wide range of home remodeling projects in the Harrisburg, York, and Carlisle, Pennsylvania area. We’d love to talk to you about your remodeling project if you’re in our neighborhood, but we hope our years of experience will help you plan your next remodeling project and avoid common mistakes, no matter where you live.

The rising popularity of design-build firms is a testament to their results. The design-build process streamlines the planning stages for you by working directly with the designer from the company that will build your remodel. This saves the headache of sorting through multiple bids with different companies of varying expertise, material resources, and timelines. It also ensures the people who create the plan, are communicating directly with the very people who are building it; this relieves you from being the middle man.

Remodel Planning Mistakes

Many of the most common pitfalls of a remodeling project are prevented in the planning and design stage. Some clients are surprised to find out that the design phase usually takes between 8 and 12 weeks. When your vision meets your designer’s expertise, the plan often changes as you explore new options together. This takes time! Check out our recent blog on the planning phase here to help you get started!

Design Phase Mistakes

Our brilliant architectural designer, Harmony, has walked many clients through this process. Her interview about the design phase is a stellar resource for anyone entering the remodeling market. Here are a few of the key design phase tips according to Harmony:

  1. Consider spatial awareness: How much space do you need for common activities in your space? How will opening doors and appliances impact your space?
  2. Take your time: Don’t get so excited that you rush to approve the latest design! Let new ideas develop and grow.
  3. Get familiar with your budget: Do some research about your project and current rates in your area. Align your own finances and speak with your lending institution about a loan before you begin the design process.

Kitchen Remodel Mistakes

Kitchen remodels are some of our absolute favorites! When you revamp such an important part of a home, everything about it feels better! Kitchen remodels come with hefty price tags and the commitment of living without a kitchen while yours get a facelift. Here are some common kitchen remodeling mistakes:

  1. Prioritizing design over function: When remodeling your kitchen, don’t forget to focus on function. Lots of daily life occurs in the kitchen and many clients regret open spaces that clutter if storage isn’t carefully planned.
  2. Changing plans mid-project: Materials can be extra costly in a kitchen remodel. Updating plans once the project has begun adds cost and delay. Better to spend more time in the design phase and ensure you are happy with your plan.
  3. Including too much: Kitchens can become overloaded with features. Prioritize and streamline your kitchen layout so that your kitchen accommodates your movement and flow.

Bathroom Remodel Mistakes

There are lots of things you should not do when remodeling your space. Here are a few items that appear on our bathroom remodel mistakes greatest hits list:

  1. Doing it yourself: This can be tempting with a bathroom especially. Many people underestimate the time and expertise that goes into a remodeling project and find themselves overwhelmed.
  2. Under-lighting the space: Bathrooms need excellent lighting. Ensure that the gorgeous lighting fixtures you select are enough to do the job.
  3. Neglecting ventilation: Bathrooms need proper ventilation due to the high concentration of moisture that they create.

Basement Remodel Mistakes

Basement remodel mistakes depend on what kind of remodel is planned. Some problems unique to basement remodels are:

  1. Poorly matched flooring: Materials that absorb water more easily such as carpet and hardwood are not recommended for basement remodels.
  2. Neglecting the sump pump: A backup sump pump protects your basement remodel investment. Basements are much more likely to flood. Planning for water removal is a must.
  3. Missing signs of moisture: Insulation and flooring can hold on to moisture and create basement mold. Stay attentive for signs of moisture so you can plan for its removal.

Historic Home Remodel Mistakes

Central Pennsylvania is home to many fantastic historical homes. At Creative Building Concepts, we are specialists in meeting the challenges of renovating historic homes. Here are some of the common mistakes that come with remodeling historic homes:

  1. Expecting standard measurements: The common measurements for modern fixtures do not fit spaces in many older homes.
  2. Mis-matching modern and vintage: A completely modern kitchen can look out of place in a nineteenth-century farmhouse. Thoughtful incorporation of existing style can tie a modern space into an older home.
  3. Don’t assume the walls are square: Historical homes get their character from their imperfections and that means floors aren’t level, ceilings can be bowed and walls are rarely flat. A skilled designer can work around these challenges before they become a problem.

We’re honored to have earned Central Pennsylvania’s trust with their home remodeling projects. Creative Building Concepts is excited to leverage our expertise to transform your home into the space you envision. Whether you need to stay within a budget or want a partner in designing a personalized luxurious space, we are confident we can meet your needs. Reach out today to get started!

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