2021 Home Remodeling Trends We've Got Our Eye On

The year 2020 will definitely be one for the history books, particularly in the ways that it affected your home life. All over the world, families are examining how well their homes are suited to the tasks they want to do there. If you think about it, you'll probably find several things you would like to add or fix to the busiest rooms in your house. Consider these home remodeling trends to help you get started.

Home Office Addition

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You might have had a home office before the pandemic, even if it was small or crowded into a guest bedroom. Heading into 2021, you probably want something much better. Even if we get the virus under control, millions of people will be making work from home the default practice. To ensure that you can maintain a high level of productivity, a separate space for your home office could be a perfect choice.

Many homeowners in Pennsylvania are turning towards accessory dwelling units (ADU) as a way to add the space they need. ADUs are often separate building structures on your property that provides you with extra space to use as you like. These units can be relatively simple, more like a shed, or as comfortable and convenient as your home. With this arrangement, you can keep your work completely separate from your home life. Even an addition to your home for the office gives you a place to get away from the household and focus.


Outdoor Space

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This year has made almost everyone appreciate a good outdoor space even more than they did before. Expanding the size of your deck or patio, with coverings to help you block the worst of the sun and wind, makes it easy to entertain or enjoy a relaxing time with the family. Outdoor living spaces provide a blank slate, on which you could build:

  • An outdoor kitchen with a wood-fired oven or gas grill
  • An outdoor dining space with room for guests
  • A comfortable sitting area to relax and enjoy the good weather

After the pandemic is over, you will still appreciate a dramatic extension of your living space that doesn’t require you to add on to your house.



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Every home needs a place to transition in and out. Although creating that transition has been a common problem for decades, 2020 brought it into vogue once again. Mudrooms provide a handy solution that helps you keep outside things close to the door, without letting clutter take over your entryway. Mudrooms come in a variety of sizes, from options that are as snug as a small foyer to long hallways extending most of the length of the house.

Traditionally, mudrooms served as a place for people to enter the home, shed their dirty clothes, and keep the rest of the house clean. In a modern home, mudrooms can maintain functionality without necessarily living up to their name. You could install:

  • Floor-length windows, taking advantage of natural light
  • Cupboards and shelving up to the ceiling, to maximize storage space
  • A bench for residents to take off their boots and store them off the ground
  • A sink and storage for your gardening supplies

Add a coordinating color palette, and you will have a mudroom that fits with your home but also keeps you organized.



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If you are going to be spending more of your time at home, you might as well enjoy every inch of your property. Sunrooms give you the ability to feel like you are outside without subjecting you to rain or snow. The best part of building a sunroom is that you can make it as simple or as complicated as you like. You can design a sunroom that operates much like a covered deck, with soft walls that you can remove to let in the fresh air. You may prefer to build a room against your home’s exterior, encased entirely in glass for maximum visibility. If you want the additional comforts of home, create an ADU that provides effective heating, cooling, and electricity for your television or sound system.


Basement Remodel

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No matter the size of your home, every square foot ought to make your life easier. If your basement has seen better years, 2021 is an excellent time to remodel it into a space that meets more of your needs. You can do almost anything with a basement, but these options tend to be the most popular:

  • Guest suite
  • Entertainment or relaxation space for children and teenagers
  • Second kitchen
  • Home theater
  • Separate living space for multigenerational living or rental

You might be surprised how much more use you get from your basement.


Kitchen Remodel with Bump Out

What is a kitchen bump out?

Everyone needs to update their kitchen from time to time. If your kitchen floor plan is not working for the way you use it, you may need a redesign or an extension. Bumpouts are one of the hottest trends in home improvements. This project increases square footage by relocating one exterior wall. Bumpouts do not tend to be as complicated as a home addition, and they are perfect if you just need a little more space.

A bump-out offers the ability to change the layout of your kitchen as much or as little as you like. Imagine your new kitchen, with enough space for a countertop that runs the entire length of the room. If you hoped to install a large kitchen island with room for a high-end range, a sink, and a snack bar for seating, you can have all of them. Add the latest in stone countertops and tile or hardwood flooring, and you will have a room that provides you with delight every time you use it.


Talk With A Local Expert

This year may have alerted you to several problems with your home’s design. The year 2021 offers an excellent opportunity to solve them. To find out how you can make your home perfect for you, contact Creative Building Concepts to get started.


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