Which Kitchen Layout Fits Your Lifestyle?

You’re sick of bumping elbows with your partner in the kitchen. Your kitchen cabinets are overflowing. If you catch your hip on that cabinet corner one more time, you’re going to lose it. Some parts of your kitchen just aren’t ideal for the way you want to use it. Your dream kitchen simply has features your current kitchen lacks. There are a million reasons our clients rethink their kitchen layout and even more ways we can help them come up with great solutions to their current woes.

At Creative Building Concepts in Central Pennsylvania, we appreciate clients who are willing to get the details right in the planning stage. In fact, one of the most common mistakes we advise against is flying through the planning stage in a rush to get started. The point of a customized kitchen is an individualized design that not only addresses your current pain points but elevates your lifestyle by offering new possibilities. Researching kitchen layouts is a great way to get started with your custom kitchen planning to ensure you get the most from your kitchen remodel. Exploring options will help you find the perfect one for your space and the way you plan to use it.

While you’re exploring your kitchen remodel options, why not delve into the world of cabinets? Our primer on kitchen cabinets for a remodel is a great place to start.

Types of Kitchen Layouts

Corner Kitchen or L-Shaped Kitchen

Corner kitchens use an L configuration to keep most of the cabinetry and appliances on two walls at a ninety-degree angle to each other. This is a great shape for small or multi-use spaces and pairs nicely with an island. Any time two walls of cabinets abut, corner cabinetry presents unique customization needs. If you are planning custom cabinets anyway, this is a nonissue.

Wall Kitchen

Many open concept spaces spread the kitchen along one main wall. Some choose to augment with an island. A one-wall kitchen is also a great choice for tiny, multiuse spaces such as lofts. Wall kitchens often make excellent use of vertical space. You can always create more storage by going up.

U or C Shaped Kitchen

U or C-shaped kitchens are one of our most timeless and popular kitchen layouts. This versatile shape allows you to designate different zones of your kitchen for different tasks and layout your flow according to the way you plan to use it. U-shaped kitchens sometimes include one little jut into the open space, forming more of a G-shaped kitchen.

Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen gets its name from a traditional kitchen inside a ship. A galley kitchen makes use of small spaces by two opposing walls with kitchen features. The space between often doubles as a pass-through to other areas of the house. Galley kitchens can be excellent and efficient space savers. In fact, many of our clients who seek to add a second kitchen opt for this layout. Second kitchens are one of our favorite trending kitchen ideas. Find more in our 2022 kitchen design blog here.


Not everyone considers a peninsula its own type of kitchen layout. That’s understandable. A peninsula is a countertop and cabinet area that juts out into the surrounding living space. There are several layouts where a peninsula is an option. Consider one for your L or galley kitchen if you have the space.


Kitchen islands are another feature that can be included in several kitchen layouts. Similar to a peninsula, it is more of a feature than a complete kitchen layout. Depending on your space, you could add a kitchen island to any of the man four kitchen layouts listed above.

Types of Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are not going out of style any time soon. Their versatility will always allow them to adapt to modern needs and support daily work. You can include just about any kitchen feature, and this is likely to continue to be true. Duplicate a sink or other frequently-used feature to make your kitchen hospitable to multiple cooks or flow more easily when preparing your favorite dishes. Here are some of our favorite features to build into a kitchen island:

  • Sink
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Dishwasher
  • Prep Station
  • Trash

Kitchen Island Ideas

You can customize your kitchen island for just about anything. Don’t miss the opportunity to design a kitchen island that dazzles. Here are some kitchen island ideas to make help you match your lifestyle to your kitchen island design:

  • Canning and large scale prep station
  • Art and homework island
  • Family command station
  • Entertaining and extra seating
  • Multi-leveled, multi-purpose island
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